Is it theatre? Is it delicious food? It’s both at the Winterparade

The Winterparade offers theatre, music, dance and delicious cuisine at a 120-metre-long table! The table is used as a stage for a diverse programme with actors, dancers, musicians and more, while guests are treated to a delicious meal.

The delicious multi-course dinner will be catered by De Nieuwe Garde. Chefs, waiters and waitresses will be climbing the tables and making unexpected appearances along with the hospitable Candy Girls.

The dinner will be interspersed with a program full of surprising performances.


Foto: Marjolijn van Dijk
Foto: Ben Spijker


The concept of the WinterParade is created by pioneer Terts Brinkhoff: the inspiring father of the WinterParade and the Parade. The Parade is a theatre festival that travels through the parks of Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and Amsterdam every summer. Not long ago, also a new festival, Showman’s Fair, premiered in Utrecht, and in 2018, this festival will travel all the way to Governor’s Island, New York.